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Welcome to B and H Gears. We have been manufacturing gears for over 30 years and have extensive experience in this field. But thats not all we do we take a look around our site to see the wide range of projects we can undertake.

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Why choose B & H Gears

  The staff and management at B & H Gears possess a wealth of experience and skill in precision engineering.

A sprocket being manufactured at our factory.We are able to carry out work across a diverse range of industries including

Automotive, medical, plant machinery, recreation, aeronautic, ship building, mining, textiles, railways and many more.

From our well equipped factory in Oldham, Lancashire our highly skilled workforce can help design and manufacture and deliver your product quickly and efficiently.

Our CNC machinery means we can manufacture directly from the base material saving you time and money.

We are specialists in reverse engineering where we can remanufacture a new component from a broken one. We can also work to original drawings and to samples.

Our design team are on hand to tell you what is possible, at what cost and in what timeframe. So give our team a ring on +44 (0)161 627 4610.


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