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Welcome to B and H Gears. We have been manufacturing gears for over 30 years and have extensive experience in this field. But thats not all we do we take a look around our site to see the wide range of projects we can undertake.

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Internal gears & External gears

 As the name suggests internal gears have the teeth cut on the inside of a cone or cylinder. Conversely an external gear has the teeth cut on the outside of the cylinder or cone.

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Internal Gears possess several advantages when properly applied. One such advantage is reduced sliding action. The corresponding working surfaces of the teeth of an internal gear and pinion are more nearly of the same length than is the case with an external gear and pinion having the same tooth ratio and tooth length. Therefore the relative slippage of the teeth is less in the case of the internal. This point presents one of the advantages of using internal Gears. The sliding action of one tooth over another causes friction; and as friction results in tooth wear, a reduction in the amount of sliding action is desirable.

B & H Gears are specialists in the production of both internal and external gears. Click on the contact us link or ring us directly on 0161 627 4610.


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