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Welcome to B and H Gears. We have been manufacturing gears for over 30 years and have extensive experience in this field. But thats not all we do we take a look around our site to see the wide range of projects we can undertake.

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Gear crowning/barrelling

Crowned gears are necessary where noise is a concern. Crowning gear teeth reduces noise by alleviating misalignment through either assembly or thrust problems.Gear crowning specialists. Gear crowners. Barrelling

We are able to achieve crowning by any one of three means. One is by crown hobbing in one of our gear hobbing machines, without any additional process. We can also straight hob the gear teeth, then crown shave the teeth, achieving the necessary crown but also an even higher standard gear, and lastly we can straight hob and crown gear grind the gear to get the highest standard possible.

 Our barrelling machines are used for cleaning and
polishing metal and plastics and can give a
variety of finishes included matt and shine. They are
used primarily to remove sharp edges or scratches.

Contact B & H Gears using the contact us link above or phone us on 0161 627 4610 to discuss your requirements.


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